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Hi, I've read several of your answers on line, and have a question. I have a modest shop, space isnt an issue, I have a tablesaw, but can only rip up to 2". I would like to be able to rip up to 4 inches (or even slightly more if possible). Whats the best tool for ripping? I was thinking about a large radial arm, setting the blade sideways to the normal direction. Or would a huge tablesaw be better? I am making furniture out of small logs, and some of these 4" logs need to be ripped in half.

A table saw is the best tool for ripping wood. That said, your description of the task is not that of ripping but "re-sawing" and neither radial arm or table saw is the right tool for that job – only a band saw is up to the task. Resawing 4" thick stock will require at least a 14" model. Those bench top models you see on sale all the time ( Home Deport, Lowes, etc.) for $99.00 are 9", 10", 12" and can only do 2 to 3-7/8". A 14" saw will do up to 6 inches. It is a sizeable investment however. Good saws in the in the $400-$600 range

A few recommendations:
  • Grizzly G1019 14"

  • Grizzly G0555 14"

  • Grizzly G1148 Heavy-Duty 15"

  • Craftsman 14" Professional
To do the job safely, you may also want to consider reading ' The Bandsaw Book' by Lonnie Bird.

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