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I recently edge joined oak boards so I can make an entertainment center. This is the first time for me in regards to gluing up boards for a project. Until now, I have used laminated plywood. I used a jointer and the boards glued nicely, however, there was a very, very, small lip in places were the boards were not quite level. I bought a small 3 inch block plane to remove the high spots. When I tried the plane, it gouged my wood and left deep scratches in the face of the boards. I adjusted the blade numerous time but could not get it to work well. Am I using the wrong plane for this type of application? Should I just sand the high spots next time?

Yes, you are using the wrong tool. A block plane is used on end grains of wood. When gluing up stock, use a paint scraper to hit any glue that has extruded at the joints, and then use a belt sander to take down any high spots.

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