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What is the best type brush to use with Polyurathane?

It is dependent on the formulation of the poly and it is not specific to polyurethane – the rules apply to all finishes. First, never use a foam brush. It loads up to quickly with product, becomes super-saturated and the applied finish is uneven. That said, If you are using an Oil-based product you want to use a natural bristle brush and if using water-based finishes use a synthetic bristle brush. Why? Because if you use a natural bristles brush with a water-based finish, the bristles will adsorb the water and expand. The brush will, after a short time turn into something akin to a stick! Some synthetic brushes can be used with oil-based products, but check the label on the brush before you buy.

Our preference is to hand rub or spray our finishes, but we do brush on Shellac (using a natural bristle brush).

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