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I am going to build my own kitchen cabinets. I know I'm gonna need clamps. What is the best type to buy?

Pipe Clamps, Aluminum Bar Clamps and I-Beam clamps are the most common clamps used in cabinet making when spanning panels. They all work fine, they just have some differences.

Pipe clamps are the most popular because you buy the ends and hit the hardware store up for whatever length pipe you need – custom solutions at a very reasonable price. You can also really torque them down when required because of the fat threads and good size crank. The disadvantages...they get out of alignment easy and due to their weight they can sometimes tip a project over.

Aluminum Bar Clamps are more expensive, but they offer light weight and stability (right angles).

I-Beam clamps are heavy like the pipe clamps, but are rigid and beefy – rarely getting out of alignment.

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