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I am trying to find out the correct procedure to make a dutchman. I have a project that needs to be patched and would like to try this technique. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Cutting a Dutchman by hand is a technique learned over time. Cutting one with modern tools is a bit easier – but requires an investment is the right tool.

You will need an Inlay Bushing and Bit with Removable Collaravailable from Porter Cable®, Grizzley®, Freud®, Craftsman® or Rockler.

Using the inlay kit is actually rather simple. A small diameter bit passes through a small collar, much like a normal guide bushing setup. The trick part is a removable bushing that fits on the collar. When installed, the bushing positions the bit to cut the recess for the inlay. Remove the bushing and the bit is now correctly located to cut the outline of the inlay (the Dutchman), sized perfectly to fit the recess.

The kit can be used with either a plunge or fixed router, the process is much easier to master using a plunge router (plunging the bit straight down with the router already positioned correctly greatly reduces the chance for error).

The kit comes with instructions on creating a template and cutting the inlay.

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