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Woodworking in the News

Florida woodworker brings back ancient art
Winter Park Observer - Orlando, FL

In a small garage studio behind an historic Winter Park bungalow, a centuries old practice is being revived with every pass of an antique planing tool. Using nothing more than traditional hand tools, furniture artist Canlin Frost carves his way back through time. MORE

Maryland Artist brings second life to found wood
The Cecil Whig Newspaper - Elkton, Md

"When you’re turning a piece on a lathe, you can’t think of anything else," said wood artist Eddie Yates. "It’s a real nice way to escape." MORE

Teen craftsman wows with woodworking skills
WDAF - Fox 4 TV - Marshall, MO

Art comes in many forms and FOX 4 News has spotlighted dozens of children and teenagers in our weekly Reaching 4 Excellence report who do exceptional work in many of those forms... a young craftsman who creates works of art with wood. MORE

Tommy MacDonald an unlikely television show host
The Patriot Ledger

Before Tommy MacDonald hosted his public television show "Rough Cut – Woodworking with Tommy Mac," he had an alter ego. He was T-Chisel, who made videos of himself as he built a copy of an antique secretary desk. MORE

Alaskan Woodworker makes art in cabinets
The Seward Phoenix LOG & All Alaska News Unlimited

Lael Gordon has a hobby which to some people may seem more like another job. As a matter of fact, initially he considered a career in furniture design and production. However, he was determined to find a way to explore the creative aspects of the trade without the drudgery. Along the way, the craft turned into an art. MORE


I-Semble™ Hairpin Table Legs I-Semble™ Hairpin Table Legs

Hairpin Table Legs Add Style!

Fans of mid-century modern furniture will be pleased with the authentic look of Rockler's new hairpin legs. Sleek and simple in design, hairpin legs allow you to make a functional, stylish table out of nearly anything. Showcase your most prized slab of lumber atop the taller legs, or support a beautiful cabinet on the shorter legs. The legs come with a matte black finish, and can be painted to match any decor. Available in 6", 16" and 28" lengths. Sets of four.

Quick Tips for Better Woodworking

Shellac used as a primer: Shellac has been used for centuries and is still the best solution for a spot primer in many situations. It is one of the best choices for a fast-drying stain blocker for wood knots, rusty nail heads, smoke, soot, urine and nicotine. Shellac softens under the UV in sunlight so it can't be used for an exterior cover on its own.

No vice? No problem. Hand Screws are a great way to hold boards on edge.
But you can use it outdoors if you cover it with water-based primer before applying the top coat of paint.

Sanding Shield: When you are sanding in the corner of a cabinet with a random orbital sander or vibrating sheet sander, more than likely you'll ding the adjoining surfaces, leaving scratches, gouges or dents. To prevent this, use a piece of alumimum flashing between the sander and the areas you don't want damaged. Tape the edges of the flashing to prevent damaging your fingers when handling.

Wonder cloth: Available in most woodworking and fabric stores, cheesecloth should be on every woodworker's "must have" list. It works great as a filter medium to rid contaminents from paint and clear finishes. It is ideal for applying stains, rub-on oils, and shellac. And you can make your own tack cloth. Wet a 12" square of the stuff with mineral spirits, then wring out. Put a few drops of varnish on the cloth and start working it into the fabric. The cheesecloth will become sticky. You want it sticky enough to pick up dust but not so much that it sticks to wood. Do a couple of tests. When you have the procedure down pat, then fold the pieces into 4 X 4 pads and store in resealable plastic bags.

Safe Routing on the Cheap: Carpet pad is a pretty good substitute for a router pad. It is also much less expensive. You can pick up scrap pieces of pad a your local carpet or flooring store for a couple of bucks for a square yard vs $8 - 10 for a 24" x 36" specialty pad. Keeping with the carpet theme: The rubber pads designed to keep small area rugs from slipping will also keep those boards from sliding when routing. New, they run about $4 for a 24" x 48" piece.

A Great Christmas Gift — Wooden long bow or a flat bow
includes arrow making information

This classic project plan was first published in Popular Mechanics in March 1941. The long bow has a deep or "stacked" body, which is generally recognized as the best type of bow shape for target shooting and of course the English used it with great success in combat. The plans also feature the flat bow which is easier to make and can be 3-4 inches shorter for the same arrow size. Either will make a great gift. My Dad made me one when I was six years old — 'wish I still had it! Get Plan

Kitchen Island

Based on the worktables of rural America, this kitchen island has style and utility. The counter-height work-station has drawers, a pullout waste bin, a storage shelf and a drop-leaf top – it isn't nailed down – you can relocate it to suit the occasion, and take it with you if you move.

The plans call for poplar and poplar plywood because it takes paint well but the base can be made out of any hardwood. Get Plan

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