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Woodworking in the News

Young rancher branches out with woodworking
High Plains Journal, Dodge City, KS

Reliable. Solid. Hardworking—words that could be used to describe his wood furniture also depict the craftsman himself. Zack Schaffer, 26, is the man behind Schaffer Furniture, located in Jetmore, Kansas. Schaffer, a Jetmore native, began his side business over a year ago, but his love and appreciation of the craft has been rooted inside of him for numerous years. MORE

97-year-old man says THIS is what keeps him feeling young
WGN TV - Chicago IL

Marvin Wortell has been avidly working with wood since high school, and even at age 97, he says this passion has kept him feeling young. He's hand-crafted much of the furniture in his home, but he's most proud of his carving of a soaring eagle covered in gold leaf. Marvin hopes to inspire Americans of every age to get productive and start doing things, which he believes will make the country great again. MORE

Florida woodworker brings back ancient art
Winter Park Observer - Orlando, FL

In a small garage studio behind an historic Winter Park bungalow, a centuries old practice is being revived with every pass of an antique planing tool. Using nothing more than traditional hand tools, furniture artist Canlin Frost carves his way back through time. MORE

Maryland Artist brings second life to found wood
The Cecil Whig Newspaper - Elkton, Md

"When you’re turning a piece on a lathe, you can’t think of anything else," said wood artist Eddie Yates. "It’s a real nice way to escape." MORE

Teen craftsman wows with woodworking skills
WDAF - Fox 4 TV - Marshall, MO

Art comes in many forms and FOX 4 News has spotlighted dozens of children and teenagers in our weekly Reaching 4 Excellence report who do exceptional work in many of those forms... a young craftsman who creates works of art with wood. MORE


large Box Spline Jig Large Box Spline Jig

Strengthen and beautify the mitered corners of your large boxes, chests and drawers!

Cutting decorative splines for large boxes that can't be machined on the router table is easy with the Rockler Large Box Spline Jig! This jig clamps to the outside corner of your box or chest to provide a precise 45° sliding surface for your router. The jig's fence is adjustable so you can align the cut line with the center of your particular router. Once set, operation is simple. Just position the jig, clamp and rout. For very large boxes, space is provided for clamping cauls that can span the width of the workpiece. Try different router bits—straight bits, V-groove bits, dovetail bits and more—to achieve different effects!


Quick Tips for Better Woodworking

Get tighter curves out of your band saw

If you gently round the back edges of your band saw blades you can cut tighter corners. With the band saw running, touch a medium-grit sharpening stone to the back edges of the blade for a few seconds. Remember sparks (read: hot metal particles) will fly off the blade so make sure you are using proper eye protection and the work area is clean and free of saw dust/chips.

Keep the Glue Flowing

There are few things as frustrating as going to glue something up and, although there is plenty of glue in the bottle, it just won't flow – gummed up dispenser tip!

There is an easy fix. Next time you finish up a job, unscrew the nozzle and put a small piece of plastic wrap between the bottle and the nozzle before cleaning the nozzle and screwing the nozzle on again.

BTW – Did you know most yellow and white wood glue has a shelf life? Consult the manufacturer's instructions, but most lose their effectiveness (read: ability to bond) after one year or when its been frozen.

Shellac used as a primer: Shellac has been used for centuries and is still the best solution for a spot primer in many situations. It is one of the best choices for a fast-drying stain blocker for wood knots, rusty nail heads, smoke, soot, urine and nicotine. Shellac softens under the UV in sunlight so it can't be used for an exterior cover on its own. Sanding Shield: When you are sanding in the corner of a cabinet with a random orbital sander or vibrating sheet sander, more than likely you'll ding the adjoining surfaces, leaving scratches, gouges or dents. To prevent this, use a piece of alumimum flashing between the sander and the areas you don't want damaged. Tape the edges of the flashing to prevent damaging your fingers when handling.

Nesting Tables

These beautiful stackable nesting tables are perfect living room accent tables. Each nested table fits under the other, or can be uses individually. Use them as decorative accent tables, hallway entrance tables, or place them in each room for quick and easy use when in need of a table top surface. Easy-to-follow instructions and a great skill builder for the novice woodworker. Get Plan

Kitchen Island

Based on the worktables of rural America, this kitchen island has style and utility. The counter-height work-station has drawers, a pullout waste bin, a storage shelf and a drop-leaf top – it isn't nailed down – you can relocate it to suit the occasion, and take it with you if you move.

The plans call for poplar and poplar plywood because it takes paint well but the base can be made out of any hardwood. Get Plan

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